ATTENTION WEST VIEW RESIDENTS: WVWA Has Begun Lead Water Line Replacement Program

Did you know that West View Water Authority has begun its lead water line replacement program?

The program is part of a $6.6 million grant that the Water Authority received from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST). This grant is projected to replace 750 lead water service lines from the water main to the meter, at no cost to the resident!

West View was the first community selected to be a part of the water line replacement program. So far, approximately 300 West View residents have agreed to have their lead water lines replaced, and the list is still open for other West View residents who have a lead water line to participate.

This is a great program which will minimize potential long term public health risks associated with high levels of lead in the water system and will improve the overall quality of WVWA water!

If you have any questions, you can contact WVWA’s Project Engineering Department at (412) 931-3292 during normal business hours.