Borough of West View

"A Good Place to Live"


Elected Officials

Council Members
William F. Aguglia - President

Bryan S. Kircher - Vice President
M. Kimberly Steele

Donald Mikec

Robert D. Schellhaas

Scott V. Miller

Eugene Borio

John R. Henry


Real Estate Tax Collector
Rita A. Schwarzmeier


Appointed Officials
Bruce A. Fromlak - Secretary/Manager
Cathy A. Mann - Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc
Building Inspection & Code Enforcement
Bruce Fromlak - Chief of Police
Michael J. Witherel, Esquire - Solicitor
Robert E. Zischkau, Jr., - Glenn Engineering


Civil Service Commission - 6 Year Term
Kim Steele
Adam Bakaj
Ray LaPorte


Municipal Authority - 5 Year Term
Dennis A. Watson, President

JR Henry
Paul Malone

William F. Aguglia

M. Kimberley Steele


Zoning Hearing Board - 3 Year Term
Dennis Watson
James Doerfler
John Mihm


Planning Commission - 4 Year Term
Thomas Duncan

Scott Miller

Justin Lewis

Paul Malone

Robert Serpa


Ross/West View E.M.S.A - 5 Year Term
James Miller
Joseph A. Dinkel
Gary Punzak


Fire Chief

Justin Assisi